Retirement Squeeze - Living longer and lower returns

Things are changing for future retirees (that includes me!): They are going to live longer and expected investment returns are declining. Combined, these factors are going to put more pressure on retirees.

In September, Alistair Byrne and Catherine Reilly authored a paper on this subject. You can read it at The Center for Pension Research (link is below).

The Real Cost of Cancer

Last week, I was asked to attend a symposium in Boston to discuss how we could help improve the survival outcome of cancer patients. 

I wasn't asked to attend because I had any insight on treatment options but rather my input on the correlation of healing and financial distress.

High School Seniors – What to do on Sunday, October 1st

Sleeping late, hanging out with friends, playing a soccer or lacrosse game, making it to the next level on your PlayStation/PS4—what else could a high school senior want to do this Sunday? –Fill out his/her FAFSA!

Paying for College – Why just writing the check may not be the best option

Last night we conducted our first College Financial Workshop here in Newton, MA. With participants asking lots of good questions and taking notes throughout the session, we think it was a success.

Guess what I just did?

Most of you are very good at checking in with us before making any major financial decisions.

This is really important as we can potentially stop you from making a mistake (sometimes irrevocable ones at that).  Sometimes it isn't stopping you from doing something but rather suggesting a more favorable option.

College Peril—Not completing it in four years

The cost of college is already staggering for many families. How could it get any worse? When it takes more than four years to complete.

Healing a broken shoulder or meeting your financial goals

As I lay on the table at physical therapy the other day, I took a deep breath as my therapist pulled my arm back.  Three months in since my injury and the pain hasn't subsided much. 

I started thinking about the similarities of healing from an injury and meeting your financial goals. Both have these things in common:

College Planning – Can I Hide My Money Under a Mattress to Get Financial Aid?

While I don’t think I’ve ever had a client ask me this question exactly, they sometimes come close.

We try not to think of college in these terms because, as a parent, you are usually looking for the very best education that you can afford without spending every last cent of your retirement savings to do it. Hiding money seems a little nefarious.

I'm not going to make ANY changes

A few weeks ago, I was referred to a couple that came in for an initial consultation.

Talking to your kids about money

One day your children are going to be grown up and living on their own. How will you impart the knowledge for them to make wise financial decisions? What can you do to make sure they get off on the right foot?

Well, believe it or not, you’ve already been doing this, albeit passively.

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