Investment Management

Too often we see clients with an overemphasis on selecting investments or performance and not enough focus on other, bigger financial decisions. We believe investing is a key component to achieving one’s goals and dreams, but it is not an end in itself. We use a multi-step process to develop and manage your investments. Before we begin we will determine your:

  • Means/ability to invest
  • Investing experiences
  • Time horizon
  • Risk and return expectations
  • Tax bracket and situation
  • Asset classes
  • Individual investments
  • Performance
  • Portfolio adjustments

Investment Process

Our process begins with our initial meeting to determine your experiences with investing, perceived risk, time frames, and goals. We seek to balance your goals with your comfort level and need for return. Because investing involves both theoretical analysis and behavioral economics, we include both in our investment process. In other words, finance theories such as Modern Portfolio Theory can indicate good theoretical outcomes, but they may not consider the human or behavioral aspects that people use when making investment decisions. We consider both factors when designing an investment plan for you.

Investment Selection

Successful investing has moved beyond just developing a diversified portfolio with several highly-rated investments. Because selecting investments based primarily on past performance is usually not a reliable way to provide consistent, long term performance, we use a broader approach. We consider multiple criteria and several databases in researching and recommending specific investments to you. Our analysis starts with an evaluation of 11 different criteria—including non-performance-related criteria. While these factors alone do not predict future performance, we believe they are important considerations to developing investment plans that can deliver attractive and consistent returns over the long term.

What you get

  1. Ongoing, proactive investment management
  2. Complete implementation and account consolidation
  3. Ongoing monitoring against risk and performance targets
  4. In-person Annual Review and ad-hoc meetings, as needed. For clients that are out of the area meetings are conducted via video conference or conference call.
  5. Fee-based advice that is not influenced by investment commissions


The minimum required investible asset amount for Investment Management service is $500,000. Minimums may be negotiable in certain circumstances.

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